Chuck It! Junk Removal Winnipeg offers the fastest, and most affordable Garbage Bin Rental Services in Winnipeg!


Chuck It! Junk Removal Winnipeg provides bin rentals to home owners, contractors and businesses. We operate 7 days a week in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Instead of multiple trips to the dump, why not rent a bin? Chuck It! Junk Removal prides its self in outstanding customer service and upfront pricing. With 3 different bin sizes available, we have the right bin for you!




Any Size Bin $240 / 7 Day Rental Included!




Chuck It Junk Removal Winnipeg Garbage Bin Rentals offers simple upfront pricing. We charge one flat $240 charge that includes the delivery, pick up and dumping of your garbage bin rental. (GST & Dump Fees are not included) Call or text Nick at (204) 461-5865 to book your bin rental today!


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20 Yard Roll Off Bin Rental 14.5′ x 8′ x 4.5′20 Yard Bin Rental

-Estate Clean Ups and Demolition

– Holds up to 5500 lbs





12 Yard Roll Off Bin Rental 13.5′ x 7.5′ x 3.5′12 Yard Bin Rental

-Great for Garage Clean Outs, Deck and shed Demolitions, and Home Reno Clean Ups

– Holds up to 3 Tonnes

– $20 Discount Promo Available for Residential Garbage Only ( No Reno Debris)





4 Yard Roll Off Bin Rental 12.5′ x 6.5′ x 1.5′

-Optimal for Dirt, Concrete, Plaster and Yard Waste
– No Dump fees on clean concrete and dirt!





Honest Pricing

We offer Any Size Bin Rental for $240 plus Dump Fees ($84 per Tonne as of January 1st, 2022). Price does not include GST.



Rental Period can be for as little as 24 Hours up to 7 Days. If you need more than 7 days for your rental, you can keep the bin for an additional $10 per day.

In order for us to haul your bin safely to the dump, bin rentals are not to be over-filled past the height of the walls. No exceptions. A $25.00 fee may apply if driver has to take items off.

On a budget? Don’t want to figure out dump fees? Ask us about flat rate Bin Rental prices for residential garbage!

To order Call or Text (204) 461-5865 or book us via the Booking Page.


Commonly Asked Questions:


What Can I Put In The Bin?

A: You can put almost anything in the large bins except concrete, soil or plaster. We have separate bins for those. If the bin is overweight the truck may not be able to lift it or the driver could get a traffic ticket for an overweight axle. If a bin is overweight we can bring you a second bin or trailer to split the load however it will result in an extra charge. It is important to let us know what you are trying to get rid of so we can offer the most cost effective way to get rid of your junk!


How High Can I Load The Bin?

A: The bin can only be loaded to the height of the bin walls! If it is over it makes it harder to tarp and the driver can receive a traffic ticket for an unsafe load. Overloaded bins may be charged a $25 Fee if the driver has to take items off the bin.


How Long Can I Have The Bin For?

A: You can have it for 7 days! If you are done with it earlier we will happily pick it up so it is out of your way. If you need more than 7 days for your rental, you can keep the bin for an additional $10 per day.


How Much Does It Cost?

A: It costs $240 for the bin plus dump fees at $85.00 per tonne. On average dump fees range from $89 to $110 for the 12 Yard Bin and $120 to $150 for the 20 Yard Bin. The dump fees go by weight and all depend on what kind of debris you are throwing out.


What If I Need A Second Bin?

A: If you fill one bin and need a second, we can gladly bring you another one, however, there will be another $240 charge plus your dump fees. It basically costs $120 to drop off the bin and $120 to pick it up.


How Do I Pay?

A: In order to streamline the process, we accept only credit cards. At the time of drop off the $240 will be billed to your card. Once we empty the bin at the dump we will send you a copy of the dump receipt and the amount on the ticket will be billed to your credit card.


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